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Elk Moose hybrid, Melk

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Default RE: Elk Moose hybrid, Melk

There is a sub group of Indian elephants that have "reverted" back to their early ancestors. You know, the kinds that had the big bulbous foreheads and are just huge. There was a special on discovery about it. They got them on film. Amazing
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Default RE: Elk Moose hybrid, Melk

robinhood36 had a kid in his town that had a big bulous head, Do you think that he was reverting back to a neandrothol?
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Default I saw what looked like a moose elk hybrid

While I was deer hunting this year I saw a bull and cow moose bedded on my grandpas property. I am sure it was just strange antler growth but the antlers on the bull looked exactly like those of a bull elk. No palmation at all and six points on both sides. Other than the antlers it looked like a just like a moose. Can't say if it was a hybrid or not but I certainly would not call anybody stupid for asking if there is such an animal. To me somebody that calls someone else stupid for asking a question is the sign of somebody trying to hide there own insecurites and dare i say, stupidity. Just my own humble opinion though.
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Have you tried to contact the paper? Finding a copy of the original article might help with the research.
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deer dudes...this post if from 2005....alot of kids born since then about dig some stuff up
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Mallards breed with just about everything! Wierder things have happened
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Turkins are not a cross between a chicken and turkey. They are 100% chicken. You can order them as chicks from some hatcheries. You can cross pheasants and chickens. There is a difference between animals of different species mating and whether there is enough genetic compatibility for fertilization to occur. Then there has to be enough compatibility on top of that for a fetus to grow to term.
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Um, no...................
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I dont see why this could not happen/ They did fine a hunter up North somewhere. I think Alaska for shooting a polar bear that looked more like a grizzly. Come to find out it had Dna of a grizz but looked like a polar bear.

Weirder stuff has happened!
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Iv never heard of or seen anything like that in my life,i live in moose and elk country.if it is possable for them to breed id sure like to try a melk steak.
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