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rem.core lokt for elk

Old 03-10-2004, 03:45 PM
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Default rem.core lokt for elk

I have a 30.06. Would a 180 grain core lokt be a good bullet for elk? I also see the core lokt ultra bonded is new this year. Would that be better?
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

Either one would be perfectly suited for elk out of a 30-06. If you were useing a 300 mag I would opt for the core lokt ultra to hold together better at higher velocity.
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

rochelle----i've taken a number of elk with the 180 grain "Core-lokt" out of my 30/06 without a problem. They work fine. I've only found 1 bullet in the off shoulder, just under the hide. It "mushroomed" just like the photo's in the Remington ads.
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

Q1: No
Q2: Yes

Weeks off work, thousand(s) in expense, hundreds/thousands of miles of travel, hard work, harsh conditions and cheap cartridges/bullets for use at "showtime"? Hey, it's up to you. Personally I use a quality bullet for elk, a nosler partition or better. Good choice on the 180 grainers though. Don't know much about Ultras, hopefully an improvement over the plain jane CoreLokts.

Good Luck and Good Hunting,
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

I tend to agree here with ElkKamp here. The core-lokt bullet is designed for deer and other smaller sized thin skinned animals. There is no doubt that people have killed elk with this bullet and that is will continue to kill elk. However, you have to figure in the worst case senario when elk hunting. A core-lokt is going to "blow-up" from time to time particularly on a direct shoulder shot, into a rib, on a quartering toward type shot, at 300 yards.

My understanding is the core-lokt ultra is a bonded bullet that won't "blow-up." When hunting elk, particularly as a non-resident, why wouldn't you spend an extra $10 on a premium bullet, when already spending at a minimum $1500 and usually more like $4000?

Just my 2 cents
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

All the critiques I have read on the Remington Ultra Corelokt have been positive on heavy big boned animals, but I don't know first hand. Good luck.
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

I have taken a cow elk with a std. cor-loct and it was a one shot kill.But that was only by luck! The bullet hit the shoulder and ricocheted into the neck. If the bullet had not gone into the neck killing the animal.....It would have been a long day.
I have no experience with the ultras.But I would practice with the Cor-Locts and hunt with a premium bullet (Partition,Accubond,Failsafe,etc)
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

Ive shot two deer with the core lokt ultras with my 270. They both mushroomed perfectly and held together perfect. I didnt measure them but there was alot of weight
retention. They held together better than some of the noslers ive recovered.
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

Its more than just a deer bullet. It works well on elk and does it job just perfect. I'm not into that fail safe class of bullet user that want very little expansion. The core lokt opens up and retains it weight and thats what makes it a good bullet. Believe it or not the all hailed nolser partition has blown up on me. It all boils down to situation how the bullet struck. If I was to go back to buying factory ammo core lokt's would be my first choice of bullets. I seen alot of bullets pulled out from elk to deer and for a consistant bullet it one of the best.
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Default RE: rem.core lokt for elk

I read an artical by Jim Zumbo. Init he says the corlokt is one of his favorite bullets for Elk. I have never used them for that purpose because I like the old WW silver tips best.
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Quick Reply: rem.core lokt for elk

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