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alaskan hunting cartridge

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Default alaskan hunting cartridge

new to board. live in north carolina. moving to alaska. use 300 win mag now for deer. what do i need to hunt in alaska. all types of game.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

375 cal. for dangerous game. Preferably the 375 RUM. Any thing else 300 or a 338 Weatherby or Ultra Mag.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

Use what you got. It's more than enough for anything that Alaska will have to offer except for the brown bears. I'd go with a 338 to 375 for the bears.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

Keep what you have and add a 375 H&H magnum. You will be all set. The 375 H&H has been stopping dangerous game for more years than I have been around. I don't think you would find a better or more versitile gun. I would love to go hunting there but I fear I am getting a little old for the rigors of that kind of trip. Good luck. Hope you enjoy it.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

Hi alaskamissionary,

I spent a few years in Alaska....and I'm heading back that way myself. Personally I'd wait until I got to Alaska....look around the area you happen to find yourself in......and then make the decision to purchase another rifle. If you'd like! (The "heavier calibers" are really common in Alaska.....and surprisingly......not terribly expensive. So wait until you get there to purchase it. Plus it saves you shipping and or transporting another firearm.)

The .300 Win Mag is a very popular caliber in Alaska....and for good reason. I'd spend the time prior to leaving working up a good load with a "premium bullet" in a minimum of 180 grain.....(or preferably a 200 grain)....bullet. The .300 Winchester Magnum loaded with a premium 200 grain bullet......acts more nearly like a .338......than a lesser .30 caliber. It will certainly "cover your bases"....until you've had an opportunity to look over the area you find yourself in.....and see what "else" would best compliment your .300.

At any of luck with your choice...and your move!


P.S. Hope to see you there!
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

I believe that most if not all of the hunts for the Browns in AK are draw hunts. Long odds on some too, ie. Kodiak.

You may not actually need the cannon for quite a while.

I agree with previous post... wait and see.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

I live in southeast alaska where we have tons of big brown bears and wouldnt have a problem taking a 30-06 in the woods with me. I dont see the need for such big caliber guns. To much overkill for me. Just make sure you shoot it in the right spot and your fine.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

Your 300 Win. Mag. will do just fine up here in AK. If you have the itch and can afford a new rifle or two, I would think about getting a 338 Win. Mag. or a 375 H&H.

And there is hunts that require tags for brown bears, like Kodiak and the SW part of the state as another member already posted, but the majority of brown bear tags are over the counter, and most hunts are year around.

Seems like you'll be moving to the state when I'm moving out!
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

If I was lucky enough to be in your shoes, I would go with a Weatherby Mark V .340 Wby Mag., .338-378 Wby. Mag., .378 Wby. Mag., or .416 Wby. Mag. Good luck.
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Default RE: alaskan hunting cartridge

I'd opt for the 375 h&h or any of the 416's. Mainly for the bears. I'd like to have my 300 win along for the rest of the hunt.
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Quick Reply: alaskan hunting cartridge

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