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Need Opinion For best hunting gun

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Need Opinion For best hunting gun

Old 09-23-2021, 04:04 AM
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Smile Need Opinion For best hunting gun

Hey, I need a valuable opinion for Himalayan ibex and markhor hunting Gun. What is the best option for guns?
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Old 09-23-2021, 07:41 AM
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welcome to the site
since odds are your not from the USA, I am going to say, it might come down to what guns are available to you? and not knowing what they are, be rather hard for me or most likely anyone here in the USA top recommend a exact make model rifle for you!

if you want to do a search to read up on things like elk hunting and the rifles and calibers used for them, that might get you a lot of basic info on picking a caliber,a s I gather them species your after will be about the same size as Elk, here in north america, and there is NO shortage of info on calibers for them and rifles used !
also keep in mind that when using a rifle, it also has a lot to do with how the rifle fits YOU
as what rifle I feel is best and fits me best might NOT fit you best and thus, you will never like it all that much,a s to one that does fit you
same with the design of things, what I like you may not
so there is NO such thing as a BEST rifle that fits and is liked by all!
and why they make so many different models and well calibers too
as again, there is NO perfect caliber either

you do need "X" amount of speed and energy in a bullet at "X" range to make clean kills, and there are , again, NO shortage of info on the world wide web to read and learn about that , which you can use to pick a caliber/rifle combo

best of luck to you!

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Old 09-23-2021, 10:15 AM
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If you're truly hunting in the Himalayas, you're not looking for an airgun. I moved this to the Big Game section so you can get more response from people who have hunted in the Himalayas and can give you some guidance or advice.
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Old 09-24-2021, 07:09 PM
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mrbb ~ " there is NO such thing as a BEST rifle that fits and is liked by all! " < Couldn't agree more 100% factual.

myself , hadn't hunted there so would default to my Win. Enfield in 300 H+H with a Good bullet and if I were still unsure , I would try and contact a Himalayan B.G. hunter : )
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Old 10-02-2021, 06:59 AM
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Most the people that seriously hunt mountain game use a flat shooting light weight rifle. Hard to beat the 270 Win or a 7mm-08 in a 6 lb rifle for that sort of hunting. As to the actual brand of rifle, that is a choice made on personal preferences.
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Old 11-14-2021, 09:21 AM
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Savage M220 stainless camo Hopefully it will fulfill your hunting needs and you"ll not regret it.
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Old 11-26-2021, 09:09 PM
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I think a 7mm-08 would be a great option for this hunt! It's hard to beat that caliber.
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Old 12-24-2021, 07:17 AM
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I think this is to much info given.

The OP being from that region of the world may be a terrorist
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Old 12-25-2021, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by 270sniper View Post
I think this is to much info given.

The OP being from that region of the world may be a terrorist
I wouldn't be so quick to judge. I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East and most of the people over there are really decent people that just want to live their lives. Not all of them are terrorists and most of them despise the terrorists and what they stand for. Just sayin...
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