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WYOMING elk hunt

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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander
Guys like flags and my buddy Randy in Colorado have saved up into the twenties because they were residents and played the point game from the beginning.
I had an advantage with playing the point game because I was active duty. For a long time CO residents that were in the military could put in for points for free and that is what I did. I knew as long as I was in the USN that I couldn't be sure I would be able to hunt so I always put in for points and then if I could get back for the season would buy an OTC bull tag or a leftover cow tag. I have 23 points for elk right now but still can't get the tag I want since I am now a resident of TX. I could pull it as a CO resident but not as a non-resident. Takes 27 points for the tag I want. Eventually I'll get ahead of the point creep since I'm just 58 now and am not that far off. But there is NO way I could or would play the point creep now starting from scratch. I also have nearly 20 points for deer.

What I am afraid is going to happen is the CO DOW is going to cancel all the points and start up with a new system. I was in CO when they started the current system and nobody envisioned some hunts taking nearly 30 points. New hunters will never have a chance for some tags in the current system. I don't know the solution but I hope they take people with over 20 points into consideration before they do anything brash.
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Our friend Randy that CI mentioned didn’t draw an elk to this year with 29 points. He is a CO resident.
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My point exactly. I would be curious to know how far Randy's choice unit which is probably the same as flags has gone up in the last 10 years when he had 19 points. When point creep exceeds 1 a year there is something wrong with the system which means the target is never achievable. That is a money scam from DOW.
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I agree with everything above. It would be nice to see states come up with a better solution.
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