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Am I crazy?

Old 05-28-2015, 06:58 AM
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Default Am I crazy?

As I sit here in my small space I call a room, counting down the days until the end of this deployment, I have come to an interesting conclusion....

I have been away from the midwest for almost 4 years. I cut my teeth hunting big toms and big whitetails. It is an obsession rooted so deep within my soul that I haven't found anything that can replace it. I have hunted whitetails twice since 2012 and missed every turkey season since 2013. I am losing my mind over not hunting!

Luckily being stationed in Alaska offers many big game hunting opportunities to hold me over until I can return to the woods that I know and love.

I literally never stop thinking about hunting. My next hunting trip, my new hunting rifle, being reunited with my mathews. And when I am not thinking about my hunts, I am watching others hunt on youtube or

I am convinced that I have a serious problem. I am so addicted that there is no hope for healing. BUT this is the best damn addiction there is. One on one, man vs. beast, I prefer archery equipment, but I always welcome the gun season after a tough bow season.

The second I get back to the states I have a number of orders of business. Where most soldiers are going to get reacquainted with their families, go to the bars, party, cookout, find the love they have been missing these long months; I will be scouting my spot for moose and black bear, shooting my bow religiously, and getting my new rifle sighted in for september.

I know I am not the only one! Sorry for the rant, but the closer and closer I get to returning to the states, the more my heart and soul is burning for the opportunity to get out and chase some game.

Happy Hunting to All
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Nah, you're not crazy, just getting rammy to get home and pick up your life where you left it to serve your country. Thanks for your service and may you next season at hme be the best ever.
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Yep, he's crazy just like a lot of us, LOL!
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Of course you're crazy. You want to kill and butcher animals. Just ask any tree hugger.
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I did more than 25 years of active duty. Before I got married I blew all 30 days of annual leave plus any others I could beg borrow or steal and go hunting. So, I fully understand your dilemma.
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Are you crazy? Yes, but that's not a bad thing!
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It will satisfy the huggers....just tell them you are eating organic natural meat! Keep the attitude.
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we're all a little crazy! LOL Thanks you for your service to our country! Alot like you, in the off season i cant do anything except watch, wait, and prepare for the next hunting adventure. Wont be long
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