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moose meat

Old 02-23-2010, 09:08 AM
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I have only tried Caribou other than deer and moose. I like the deer meat the best but, I do enjoy moose meat as well.. Meatballs from moose meat is the best you can get IMO...
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As with all game meats, taste can change dramatically within a species. Overall, I have had some very good moose, with a few lots of some less desirable. I find elk more consistent.
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ya moose meat is great stuff...cook or roast it slow just like Elk
took one up in Alaska few years back, just like beef /o the marbling
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I actually prefer bear and deer first and second with moose a close third. I find moose meat a little dry compared to the other venison meats. That is just my preference. I sure as heck would`nt turn any down if offered to me.

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I had a friend who sent me a nice big moose steak and it was truly excellent.
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Default moose

I've eaten more than a few moose , for my taste the only wild red meat that's as good or better is bison.And yes I've had that from several different animals to.
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I've taken three moose on DIY hunts. I even butcher my own. I love the meat and still have some from this past fall. Rutted up bulls aren't usually good though. I've had Elk, Caribou, Deer, Antelope, and Bear that I liked about as much though. Bison is the best I've eaten.
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Well i grew up eating nothing but wild game, and it was mostly moose! You get a big bull in august, and the meat is hard to beat, tender and not gamey, wolves havent been running them and of course they havent started rutting... That being said about early moose, a rutting bull... wouldn't feed it to my friends or family, it doesnt matter how careful you are about keeping the hair off the meat, you can throw the meat in the river, whatever tricks i have tried the meat is gamely as can be... and it can be pretty nasty... Early moose is hands down the way to go... However i would take a second rut elk over a august moose anytime! But then again I have eaten more moose than your average wolf, so elk has been a very nice change!
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had my corned moose brisket last night... delicious...
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I just ate the last of my moose meat from this past season. Had moose sausage last Thursday. I love moose sausage.
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