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Default Wyoming Non Resident Elk Drawing

Well I guess its about time for the annual frustrationof trying to draw a Non Resident elk tag in Wyoming again. I have a buddy that owes me an elk hunt in Wyoming and I have been applying now for 6 years with no success. The first three years were before the prefference point system and the last three with it. I have the max pref. points (3) going into the draw again this year but am beating my self up over the application process. After reading my MRS section in my Eastmans Hunting Journal I just get pissed off. In the unit my buddy has land to hunt they are estimating it will take aprox. 7 points to assure yourself a tag at the regular $641. This is what I have always put in for. Last year with max points it was a 13% draw odd. My problem is the MRS section says with 4 point you would be assured of a tag if you put in for the special tag at $1121. By doing this you had a 25% chance of drawing a tag last year. Is it just me or is anyone else upset with this process. They keep about $75 of my money for preference point and application fee and then reward you if you dont feel you have given them enough of your money and want to buy the $1121 tag. How greedy do they need to get? They either nickle and dime you to death if you keep applying for the $641 tag or just bite the bullet and spend the $1121 and get it over with.
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Default RE: Wyoming Non Resident Elk Drawing

Consider what it would cost you extra to buy another 3-4yrs worth of pts...

Also you know if you draw a 2nd choice you still get pts on your 1st choice...so maybe draw a 2nd choice somewhere....and continue building reg pts for your 1st choice to hunt your buddy's land...

Or is it worth the $1150 to hunt with your buddy this year on his land?

Other states have elk tags that are normally priced for $1200 etc...

I know last year if I put in for a special antelope I would have drawn instead I have the most pts for the regular tag and didn't draw...
I don't feel its worth spending that extra $$ for an antelope. Not sure I'd spend it on an elk either....just draw somewhere else...and when I do finally draw in WY, then go hunt it....but over the course of a life time....if that means paying an extra $500 and being able to get an elk every 4 years vs every 7 or 10yrs....that's well worth it, what's an extra $500 over 4 or even 10 years? If you plan to elk hunt other states I probably wouldnt pay it....but if not I may then for sure...also pref pts are $50 each year for elk...plus the application fees....10 yrs of that is $500.

See if near your friends place there is some quality public land you can draw as a 2nd choice....and have him do a lil scouting for you...

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Default RE: Wyoming Non Resident Elk Drawing

If you choose to make a 2nd Draw make it a General tag. I got a general tag for this season with only 1 point. It was good hunting for the most part, tough but good.

I have heard of Sheep hunters having to stake the bonus points high, not familiar with elk hunters having to do that in wyoming. What section is your friend in?
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Old 12-17-2008, 11:08 AM   #4
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Default RE: Wyoming Non Resident Elk Drawing

I thought about the second choice option but having never hunted Wyoming before and not having anyone else to go with I never put in for a second choice. I have 1 point in Montana this year for a deer tag and am thinking of putting in there for a combo elk/deer tag. Also have one point in South Dakota for a deer tag. That is why I hate the thought of spending $1200 dollors for the elk tag in Wyoming. Maybe Oboma will send me another stimulis check and make my decision easier...haha.
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Default RE: Wyoming Non Resident Elk Drawing

I would keep trying to get that area your wanting. Your on the ground floor for points, sooner or later you'll get the tag, mabey even next year. What no one knows is, will this economy statuseffect the draws such as Wyoming. You got the high price and low price tags. Will people change the way they think and not put in for the high dollar tags when there is an option for a lower price tag? Each state has their own way to do things, no sence in getting worked up over it. Either acceptthe systemor apply in another state. Salukipv1 is right, some other states have much more higher elk tag fees. Atleast Wyoming gives you an option for a lesser dollar tag.
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