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Default Sleepy Cat in GMU 12?

For those that have hunted inCO GMU 12 around Sleepy Cat peak, how crowded is it during the first season? Are the camps stacked up next to each other? We're trying to nail down where to hunt 1st rifle and Sleepy Cat Trail is on the short list.

The CO DNR Western Slope report that the Sleepy Cat/Sand Peak area get a lot of hunting pressure. I'm just looking for general idea of what " a lot of hunting pressure means" for the 1st rifle season in CO. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Default RE: Sleepy Cat in GMU 12?

Don't know about Sleepy Cat; however, I can say from my experience that a lot of camps close together along a roadgenerally means you are in the right locale, the remaining question is when you leave base camp and head out to hunt"which direction and how far fromcamp is the "zone" and "can you find it in the dark?" Getting set up before sunrise all blended in and waiting and then following the plan is key in IMHO.

Two days extra scouting on the front endis worth more than the last two days of the season, get the strategy figured and then make the first days count. Especially without horses,the majority ofhunters will be effectively spent in three days of hard hunting on foot, not all, but most.

Personally I enjoy high pressure hunting areas, especially if you can put allthose other hunters to work for you, kind of like and "Indian Tiger Hunt" where the game is driven right to you.
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Default RE: Sleepy Cat in GMU 12?


I agree with your analysis, the problem is I've never seen the area around Sleepy Cat. My plan is to study maps and Google Earth and make an educated "guess" as to where the elk will be or be heading come opening morning.


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