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Broadheads for Elk?

Old 08-15-2008, 01:13 PM
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Default Broadheads for Elk?

I've killed plenty of whitetails and this fall was fortunate enough to draw a bull tag in Wyoming so I am headed west on a life long dream of taking an elk with my bow. I'd like to hear what broadheads flew the best and were the most successful fromhunters who have actually put elk on the ground. Most importantly in my opinion is to shoot something that flies straight, if you can hit them where you want they will go down. I had a buddy shoot a nice 5x5 in Idaho last year with a Montec G5, and another drop one with a 2-blade Rage expandable in Colorado, obviously two extremely different approaches but with the same deadly outcome. Any and all advice is appreciated. MIElkhunter
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

I've been shooting 100 grain Thunderheads for years, and have had great success with them on animals up to the size of elk and shiras moose. I've shot a number of elk with them, and a moose and most animals have died within 100 yards or so. The last elk tag I drew was a couple years ago, and I had a 41 yard shot at a small 6 point bull. I had a complete pass-through and he layed down in about 75 yards. My moose took two arrows, only because he gave me an opportunity to shoot him a second time. Both arrows were pass-throughs and he died in sight. I've never had a problem with Thunderheads in any manner.

I'm leaving in two weeks for one of the top limited entry archery hunts in Utah, and I'll be shooting Thunderheads again this year.
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

Any good quality sturdy head WELL placed will do. I shoot Montecs. Get ready for bull fever man.. it makes buck fever feel like a walk in the park! :-) Make sure to check regs if you're shooting expandables because many states out west don't allow them.
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

I prefer cut on contact BH's nowfor larger then deer personally. I have been using steelforce premiums for deer, black bear, elk and moose the past number of years with excellent results. I have also taken a bear and moose with Magnus COC BH's with similar results. Ny partner took a young bull elk with Montec G5's as well. I personally have taken larger then deer gamewith thunderhead and muzzys fixed heads as well(I know many who use these heads for elk and moose currently - no complaints). Long and short a quality fixed or COC will do the trick.

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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

Kind of old school because I like heavy broad heads. 130gr Muzzy to be exact. Why you ask? Because they hit hard, cut big and put elk on the ground. On quartering shots I have had them imbedded in the far should at 40 yards. If I had to change I would go to thunderhead or steelforce. I have seen both these broadheads work very well. But shot placement is really the key.
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

G5 Montec is what did it for me last year in the wilds of Western Wyoming. One shot well placed, 10 minutes and 50 yards later I was jumping up and down. Love my G5's and my Diamond Black Ice! Good luck!
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

I'm a COC BH kinda guy,razor sharp,reliable and no nonesense.For me I liked the Wac'ums and Sonic Pro 85's.
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

Slick tricks, and Wac'ems--- any broad head has to be sharp- sharp and still sharper.
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

Magnus Stinger 2 blade last year. 38 yard broadside shot, bull went about 40 - 50 yards.
Alot of good bh's can be found today, I like the Magnus bh's but the key is a well placed shot. Good luck.
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Default RE: Broadheads for Elk?

Use what you are using now or what you have experience andfaith in.

I personally think that the vast majority of broadheads on the market work, be it fixed or mechanical..

This is what I used last fall, 125 grain First Cut by Easton. A simple two blade old school broadhead.. What you see is the exit would and I was shooting down from upslope..

I have since switched broadheads to try something different and will be using the American Broad Head Buckmaster Sonics. Yes, I am a gear whore wannabebut with an old bow..

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