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165 gr or 180 gr.?

Old 06-27-2008, 03:58 PM
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Default 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Hi guys/gals,
Have a question for you all.I just recently aquired a 300 WBY and now that I have it I'm going to use it as my elk gun.
The questin is wich bullet would be better?The Weatherby brand 165 gr SP or the Hornady 180 gr SP(interlok).
I have used 165's on elk in the past out of the 300 Rum(Federal 165 Nosler Boatails but they have been discontinued.),so I know they will handle the load bestowed on it.
I have used Hornady ammo in the 25-06 and 30-06 and have been pleased with results.
The reason I'm asking is the local gun store has Weatherby brand 165's for sale @ 40.00/box.I would have to drive almost 100 miles to find andything else or order on the net.
What would be your call?
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Old 06-27-2008, 04:40 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Go with the 180 gr. to take advantage of the .300 Wby. Mag's power. I would order from the net. Go with 180 gr. Barnes TSX, Nosler Partition, TBBC, Swift A-Frame, or Win XP3. If the bullets on sale are 165 gr. Barnes TSX, buy them, that is good deal and the bullet will work on elk. Good luck.
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Either weight will be just fine. I would shoot both out of Weatherby, whatever your gun shots the best. Thats your load. If both shot well, Iwould goon the heavier bullet.
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Old 06-27-2008, 05:56 PM
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Out of a 30-06, I would choose the 165, but out of that gun, I would use the 180's

the interlock is not much more than hornadys version of the corelokt. Not really a new generation bullet, but it will get the job done. However. the Hornady's new interbond bullet would proabably be ok.
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

i have ben shooting the 180 grain schiracos since i baught my 300 wby and looking at the ballistics the 180 gr out performs the 165 and i use them on everything i hunt with a rifle wich isnt much usualy shooting the bow and let me tell ya when you hit them you know it so go with the 180s much better bullet
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

180gr, possibly 200gr

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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Either one 180 or 165 gr will work fine , myself I use the Barnes 168 gr TSX for elk and before thatI used to use the Hornady 165 gr BTSP and they both worked .
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Neither, your 300 WBY will push those cup & core bullet to fast. You'll probably will get core separation on both bullets. My buddy uses a 300 WBY----he's sold on 180 grain Nolser partitions. Pretty sure Federal has them in the "Premium" line of ammo. Probably will be expensive.

Any chance of rolling your own?

that's what my buddy does-----killed a nice 6x5 last year. 180 grain partitions worked out excellant.

I use a 30/06 & my bullet is the 180 grain "Hornady Interlock". It works just fine at 06 velocity----but when you get @ 3000 fps--time to upgrade into a "premium" bullet, IMO. CB
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

Only way I'd consider the lighter bullet for elk is if it was Barnes TSX which is just a little different ball game.
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Default RE: 165 gr or 180 gr.?

I wouldnt buy overpiced gas to drive to buy overpriced ammo.

Decide what to order and shop the net.
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