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Read this about wolves

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Default RE: Read this about wolves

hmm.. I don't get why you would want to kill the wolves. They're good for the hunt! They kill off the weak animals from the herd, and then the ones left over have to get bigger and stronger because of it. If you kill all the wolves, you're not going to get anything good to eat in the future. Your kids will be shooting deer that look like chickens.
Oh yeah they are great for the herds. They just mow them down since they are recently introduced and have no relationship with native game and thereby destroy entire herds and livelihoods for people that live in Rural Settings. Great for the ARA since Hunters can't kill what isn't there anymore. Get a reality check
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

Fact is 90% of Wy's wolf population is in the "trophy area", excluding one or two packs on the reservation, and sence no season has been established you still can't shoot them there. Besides I've lived in the "predator area" for five years and have never seen a wolf in the predator area or talked to someone who has. Their's a few there but you probly won't ever see one.
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

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Besides I've lived in the "predator area" for five years and have never seen a wolf in the predator area or talked to someone who has. Their's a few there but you probly won't ever see one.
It's true that your chances of seeing one in the predator area aren't that great, but keep your gun handy just in case you do. A guy I know saw one on his land about 15 miles west of Riverton on the river bottom, and that's not a place you'd think of ever seeing one. Just goes to show that you never know when you might get lucky.

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Default RE: Read this about wolves

As someone who loves hunting, wilderness, and nature I have to say that I'm glad that we still have wolves and grizzly bears left in the lower 48. Wilderness is not wild without these animals. Elk hunting is great, but when I'm in the Bob, Great Burn, Frank Church, or wherever, knowing these animals are still around changes the feeling of being there. Let the predators take a few. They have around my area and there are still plenty of elk left. Fat, lazy roadhunters will tell you different, but they are just fat lazy roadhunters.I guesstheir "big-boy Rascal Scooters" (ATV's) scare the animals off before they arrive. Best to find areas too rough for them to get to.
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

Any one that thinks wolves and bear only take the sick and the weak need to spend more time in the woods. They will take anything they can get their mouths on and seeing a pack of wolves hamstring a bull elk and then eating it while it was still alive is a true welcome to the bush. Having said that I have shot wolves but I really enjoy watching them as well. they do have a place in moderation. Man has messed with nature so much that in order to keep the balance they have to take action. In Alberta they have been airial hunting and posioning all winter in the Grande Cach area to try to give the Mountain Carabou a fight chance. It was logging and oil exploration the messed up the Caribou.

My 2 cents
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

I live & hunt in Wyoming. I plan on shooting any wolf I see in the predator area.
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

MTman. I agree. I love knowing that there are still wolves and griz in the lower 48. I noticed you mentioned the Frank church! My stopping grounds. I am only 25 years old. Been in that wilderness since before I can remeber. I have seen and heard wolves in that country long before the "reintroduction" began. The problem is not that there is wolves. The problem is that the are not Indigenous! This strain of wolves is much more the our elk can handle! Maybe someday they will learn how to defend or elude themselves a little better. But I am not going to wait around and let the wolves devour our nations elk heard! Once again. go to !!!
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

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well i like all the pictures of the wolves on their site. bet wolves look great on the wall too. guess i will find out this october.

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The wolves got to be managed. And yes, that means population control. I would like to see a trapping season open up in those Western states as well as a hunting season. Nobody (well, at least most) is saying kill them all off, but decimating elk herds to let "nature take it's course" is irresponsible.
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Default RE: Read this about wolves

This myth that wolves only hunt and kill "the old, weak and sick" is just that, a myth. Gray Wolves, or as they call them here in MN, Timber Wolves can and do take down anything from the fawns, does and mature bucks, especially when snows get deep and crusty. In the winters of mid-90's in those conditions they brought the whitetail pop. in NE down to the point you'd rarely see a deer inland away from Lake Superior.
In the past 7-8 years of more moderate winters and snow, deer are showing up again. But it's only a winter or two of those deep snow that make the woods the "killing fields" for the wolves again.
Unlike MT, WY and ID, we've always had wolves here in NE and now most northern MN. But their numbers got so far out of whack (high), when the feds, courts and greenies stuck their noses into it and stop all controls of their population. I hope with recent de-listing that our state can once again maintain a reasonable wolf pop. which will help us avoid the wide swings in deer and moose population we have now, due to the high number of wolves.
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