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Camo patterns

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Default Camo patterns

i know we all hunt lots of different terrain so there is never going to be a do-all camo pattern, but with all the different types of camo, what do you use when you hunt. and are you loyal to one pattern or do u have multiple patterns., i ask this b/c i'm debating on what type to get, i'm leaning towards Natgear for hunting the rocky mountians and antvantage max-1 for edges and prarie. what do you think?
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Default RE: Camo patterns

I have several different camo patters, most are Advantage. In light weight summer I have Max 1 and Realtree and Mossy Oak. My heavy duty cold weather is Realtree Hardwoods and I have a fall weight Realtree Timber.

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Default RE: Camo patterns

Predator is my choice, I have more then one pattern but my most used is still Fall grey due to the willow and white barked trees in the areas I hunt. When hunting the grass/open prairie I switch between Evolution for early (due to greens) and Deception later when more browns(replaced fall brown which was my previous choice). When hunting in the forest, pines or real early - either spring green or evolution.
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Default RE: Camo patterns

I'm not too loyal to one particular pattern. I own many of the "popular " patterns and they all work. The key is to break-up your outline and confuse the animal. I tend to not wear the same bottoms as I do the top.A different jacket or vest as well.I usually go for a lighter pattern for pant's. Like a brush pattern, Advantage Timber or maybeSeclution 3D.Then go with a darker top like Break-up, Camo West's pine or the old Treebark pattern.This will help to not make you look like a big blob (or GLOB) and blend (imo) in a little better.

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Default RE: Camo patterns

Nat gear..
SCII for early and regular for later on

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Default RE: Camo patterns

I do the same as glob dose.
I wear prarie ghost pants or brush pattern,the seclusion pine,Cammo west pine,MOBU, or predetor evolution top.Wear bunch of diffrent coats from Real Treebark to natural gear.
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Default RE: Camo patterns

You might think I am nuts, but sight is a secondary sense for animals. Smell is their primary form of defense.Eliminating your odor should be your primary form of stealth. Anything that breaks up your outline is good as far as camo is concerned, that and your ability to remain motionless while being looked at. That being said, I think that all patterns today are a far cry from what they were 20 years ago.

Good luck with your hunting and remember to take a kid out hunting when you can.

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Default RE: Camo patterns

Camo is for hunters and has little to no effect on hunting big game animals. What pattern you chose is usually something you like to wear. I wear camo but I know it's for me, not to trick an animal.
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Default RE: Camo patterns

As long as it's camo it will work. Maybe tan for desert and green for forests. Other than that no diff AT ALL. Our supposed differences are in our head and have made Bill Jordan and Toxie Haas rich, which I dont have a prob with. They seem to be good American guys.

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Default RE: Camo patterns

I agree that camo is far more for us than the animal. I bowhunted for several years withbrown pants and plaid shirts. Didn't seem to be any less effective than the camos I wear now. If they look at you and see movement, it will be the same whether you are camoed or not. If they look at you and you are not camoed but wearing some other low key, earth toned clothing, and you are still, it will be the same as if you are wearing camo and are still. At least that is my experience with muleys and elk...
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Quick Reply: Camo patterns

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