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favorite animals to hunt?

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Default favorite animals to hunt?

The one big game animal I want2 shoot the most would have 2 be either a mt goat or a caribou or even an elk

from mt goat
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

Either a Bighorn sheep or a Red stag.
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

My dream hunt is the Dall Sheep. I've dreamt of hunting in the Northwest Terriotories ever since I heard my father tell stories of his hunt some 20 years ago. Hopefully, I'll be able to afford it before I'm too old, Broke down, and/or fat to climb those hills.
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

My favorite to hunt is elk, I love listening to them scream. The big game animal that I most desire to hunt is the Dall Sheep. I hope I can afford to do it some time in the not so far off future!
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

Next winter I'm going to makeplans to hunt mt.goats ,that is my next goal a full body mount for the game room I have been building for a year now and should be done by next spring.

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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

Yeah . . . ther's nothing like the elk bugle at first light. Sittin' in your honey hole as the sun brightens the sky while listening to the wapiti serenade each other. I'll have to be dead before I miss that!

But for a hunt I haven't done, I really like some of the aspects of archery caribou.
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

mine is whitetail very smart animal
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

mountain lions.
they are one of the most beautiful animals. training your own hounds to track and tree the big cat is where it is at. Love looking into those amber colored eyes and hearing the baying of a well trained pack of hounds.
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

I have to go with a big'ol bull moose!
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Default RE: favorite animals to hunt?

Of the animals I currently hunt, I probably enjoy moose hunting the best, though the camp life on a whitetail hunt can't be beat.

I would like to hunt elk some day, and I'm looking into that possibility now. Barring that, I'd also like to try a caribou hunt, and (maybe) an african plains game hunt. Red deer in NZ would be interesting, but I don't know if I'm physically up to it.
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