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Default HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

I just had a quick ? for all you guys and need advice...I've decided to set some money aside from work this summer and some of my 21st birthday money and go on a bear hunt. I am from Indiana and we obviously have nothing like that our way so I know the slightest bit about it. I'm wanting to do a stalk hunt or off a bait pile and do it with my bow...I did not know if you guys could point me in the right direction as far as a guide you recommend...Thanks guys
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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

Hey MossyOak722
Look up at the orange tool bar and put your cursor on the word resources , a little menu wil scroll down.
Then look for the word outfitter links and click on that , you should be able to find an outfitter in your state or what ever state you want hunt bear in.
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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

ive never been but am some what in a similar situation as you. I cant decide what kind of hunt i wanna blow my money on.

But here is what ive picked up from my research, most hunters will point you to Manitoba for black bear simply because they have the most bears by far. you can pretty much go anywhere, but id stick with Canada for a baited bow hunt simply because more bears equals better chance of seeing a bear. there are litterally 100's of good outfitters, so just look around at different websites, and narrow it down then check with references. most black bear hunts that ive seen go for 1000-3500.

Good luck if you decide to go, who knows maybe ill join you cuz ive been saving too.[8D]
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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

i highly recommend an unguided trip to prince of wales island alaska. lots of bears to spot and stalk. september is great, there hitting the rivers for the spawning salmon. fishing is great. it is a bit cheaper to split it with 2 or 3 buddies, just so the rental car and cabin are a bit cheaper, but i/we went last fall, and it can be done for right at $1400, and that includes your airfair! i spent a bit more, but went on a half day ocean fishing charter.

a total blast, and did i mention lots of bears. i shot mine with my bow at about 7 feet walking straight at me!!!!
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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

huntnmuleys, how much were the tags and what not? Did your buddies fill your tags? 7 feet? I'd have to go buy new underwear!!!!!!!
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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

Hey Huntnmuleys,

I have hunted Alaska many times but never POW. I'm making two trips to Alaska this year, in Aug. to hunt the Haul Road. Took 2 nice bou last year and in Sept. making my first trip to POW.Two buddy's and myselfare hitting the place in mid Sept.. Already have tickets to Kitch. and will take the ferry to Hollis. Cabin and 4 x 4 are already taken care of. Any suggestions on top spots to check out? I am more interested in the deer as I have taken many nice bear but buddys are more after the big black bears. We will be hunting the upper north-end of the island...


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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

tags, seems like bear was $200 or so, fishing was around $50. that price i included was ALL INCLUSIVE for the 3 of us, i spent a bit more like i said on the fishing trip, a deer tag which i didnt fill and didnt try too hard, as i came down with something on the 3rd or 4th day and didnt have the energy. everything. i was still around $1800, and that included all of that, parking at the airport, gas to get to the airport, my tickets to the rockies game the day before we left, everything.......

but there are some tricks to saving money.
first of all, food. one of your luggage will of course be a cooler, for sending fish and bear hides home in. fill it. cook before ya leave, chili and stew and the like. food is expensive up there as it all is shipped so far. we took most of our meals like that, and just bought a few grocieries up there. remember ya only get 2 checked bags and one carry on or it starts to get expensive. buy a good bow double bow case, and fill the rest of it with your clothes. also, stuff your carry on with clothes. you will be surprised how much you can get in your two packages.
another option is to get with the place your staying and mail a package of clothing up there a month or two early. mailing clothes is way cheap. extra baggage isnt...

also, take 2 or 3 buddies. rental cars are expensive, but no when split 3 ways. same with cabins.
also, from ketchikan, the mainland were youll land, a charter flight to prince of wales is nearly $200, and your limited so badly on weight it will kill you. dont do that. we took the ferry, its like a 3.5 hour cruise. we saw whales, and everything. very enjoyable. cost about $35.

ya got to do your homework ahead of time, but this can be done for under $1400 for sure, unless airfare takes a major hit.

im not going this fall, too much else going on, but starting in 08 it will become an annual trip for me, cheap price, the fishing is great, and spot and stalk bears with a bow is my favorite...

oh ya, we had all filled by the 3rd evening to boot.
heres my bear
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Default RE: HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

Nice bear.
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