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Default distance

for all you elk/moose/caribou hunters out there who firearm hunt, how far away are you usually shooting at these animals? What is the farthest you have taken? average?

also, what caliber were you using?
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Default RE: distance

Archery hunting i have been averaging about 25 yards for elk. I have only taken a few with the rifle being about a 200 yard average shooting a 7mm rem mag with 160 nosler parts. I have not moose hunted much in the past 5 years ago however most of the moose around here are taken in the forest making them closer shots, 100 yards or so. I think it all depends on the area that dictates how far of a shot you take. The furthest i have ever taken an elk was 275 but i would have no problem touching out a bit further if i needed to.
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Default RE: distance

Archery Clear Water Archery Bow
Closest-4 yards bull elk
longest-93 yards antelope buck
average- 30-35 yards

Muzzleloader 54 lyman
closest-35 yards mule deer buck
longest-225 yards bull elk
average-120 yards

Rifle 300win/270win
closest-9yards bull elk
longest- 535 yards whitetail buck - 845 yard coyote (total luck)
average 200 yards

Pistol 41 mag
closest-8 yards black bear then again at 3 feet (close enough for me)
longest- 125 yardsmule deer buck
average 60yards

Haven't done it yet but its in the future lol

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Default RE: distance

I use a 7mm Rem Mag. It'll reach out there and poke stuff, but I think it's more fun to get as close as I can to the elk. When the elk are in the timber during the day the farthest shot you'll probably have to take is 150yds. The farthest I have shot an elk was 350yds in the wind out on the desert. I caught a herd feeding in a large meadow down off the mountain just before dark. I had to crawl on my belly for a half hour to get in range it was so open.
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Default RE: distance

Average rifle shot on elk for me is under 100yds. Longest was about 175. Take into consideration that we have a lot of timber around here, so shots don't tend to be long. I have been known to get pretty close to 500 on deer and antelope in open country though.
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Default RE: distance

Killed three elk the farthest was 180 yards with my 30.06 the closest was 12 yards with the same gun and one at 33 yards with my bow.
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Default RE: distance

.300 win mag for everything.
Farthest rifle elk shot, 225 yards. I've not shot a moose or caribou. But when I'm hunting the woods, you can practically walk up to a moose. Would be a rediculously close shot.
The caribou hunts I see on TV look very similar to antelope hunting as far as the spot and stalk and inability to get close. Longest antelope shot was 385 yards.

The one thing I recomend to hunters coming out here is to know their balistics, and practice short, medium and long ranges. Know what your bullet is going to do at a variety of ranges. Use a good range finder. And squeeze.
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Default RE: distance

The furthest elk I killed was at 250 yds. Good luck.
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Default RE: distance

I took an elk (spike only) from 350 yards with a .270 Win. shooting 150 gr Sierra BT Mule deer at around 250 with same .270 and a gigantic moose at 100 with my .300 shooting 180 gr Interbonds.

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Default RE: distance

6x6 elk 200yrds 30-06
Cow elk 70 yrds 30-06
Cow elk 250 yrds 300 Win Mag

Moose 200 yrds 300 Savage
Moose 90 yrds 300 Win Mag

3 Caribou 50-125 yrds 308
The caribou were hunted in Labrador north of Wabush and it is heavily timbered there so short shots
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