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Mountain lion

Old 10-21-2002, 09:54 PM
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Default Mountain lion

Has anybody here ever shot a cougar? I would love to go out West and get one with my bow, but the price is still too steep. However, I think it would be a great thrill.

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Default RE: Mountain lion

Been there ---done that !! How it's done here is after a fresh snow you drive the logging roads--trying to cut a track-- then you put the dogs & the chase begins. Up the canyon, across rimrock, down the other side, cross the creek And hopefully the cat will tree in a big old Ponderosa pine. I shot mine with a 30/30. Lots of guys use a 357 or bow.
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Default RE: Mountain lion

Unfortunately here in WA. you can't use dogs any more (damn Anti's!!!) so not many are shot here now. Of course they are starting to attack dogs and children and smaller people so everyone's bitching that the State needs to control/kill them. Stupid people make me so mad!!!!

Unless you call them with a predator call or you happen to see one out hunting not too many are shot here now.
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Default RE: Mountain lion

If you think the price of a guided mountain lion hunt is steep, try looking at the costs of owning and maintaining a competent pack of lion hounds!! Down right scary. $3,000 for a guided hunt is a bargain....
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Default RE: Mountain lion

If your really intersted in getting that cat send me an E-mail. cats are what we do and we do it very well. I have some openings left for this year.

Look for some E-mail from me (KTGYN@AOL)
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Default RE: Mountain lion

Im from Wa too. And everything that Power said is absolutely true. I agree 110%.
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Default RE: Mountain lion

Thats the way it is here in Montana too Colorado Bob. Each hunting districts has quotas in which are issued by permits. A friend of mine was called by the local game warden in wanting him to get a problem cat that had been on a ranchers livestock. He got his dogs and got the cat treed in a huge ponderosa pine and shot it. He told me the cat was the biggest that he had ever gotten and from what he says would of made the record books but the warden made them burn the entire thing as my friend wept.
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Default RE: Mountain lion

So how much does he get to charge the warden for his services? I think some deal like $XXX or the lion and $XX, whichever I decide once we get it.

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Default RE: Mountain lion

Huck, no moneies exchanged, just the oppurtunity to keep the dogs and hunting party pumped up.
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Default RE: Mountain lion

Just curious here. What do ya'll consider a "big" cat. Weight wise as well as skull length and width.

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Quick Reply: Mountain lion

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