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270 for moose

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Default 270 for moose

i know alot of you use the 270 for elk but what do you all think of using a 270 for moose. I have a 7mm Rem Mag but was thinking about going down to somethinga little smaller.
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Default RE: 270 for moose

I think the .270 is just fine for moose. I'd say anything that you're comfortable hunting elk with is fine for moose. Moose are seriously big, but they're nowhere near as tough as an elk is. I prefer to pack something with a little more heat when I moose hunt, but that's just because of the potential to run into a grizzly bear.

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Default RE: 270 for moose

Marine,I took my moose in 1995with a Ruger M776.5mmSwede and 156gr Norma "Alaska" ammo.
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Default RE: 270 for moose

I went moose hunting in Newfoundland this past October. The guides were telling us how they use 270's and 30.06's. That's what most of the locals use up there. They feel there is no need to use a magnum rifle. I used a '06 myself. The 270 will do just fine unless you are going after the big Alaskan/Yukon variety or are going in grizzly country. Then I'd reccomend something bigger.
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Default RE: 270 for moose

If you shoot the 270 real well and are confident you can put a round in the boiler room, I'd say go for it. I assume your using a good quality bullet.
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Default RE: 270 for moose

If it is all you have, and what you can afford, use it. If you have something bigger that you shoot well, use that.

The one thing you have to remember about moose is that they like wet areas. You do NOT want to deal with a moose in the water, especially if you are in the Yukon or Alaska where it is really really cold water. If you need to break one down in a hurry to keep it from getting in the river, a .270 is not your first choice.

The other thing you have to remember is that a lung shot moose is going to take two to three minutesor longer to bleed out. A smaller hole means less blood loss, and more time for the moose to move away from you. You will have six loads of about 100 pounds to get the meat back to camp. Every step he takes is an extra work for you. So one extra moose step = 2 human steps X 6 meat loads = 12 extra steps for you to pack 100 lbs.
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Default RE: 270 for moose

i'm gay, jkrofl. i would think that a .270 would be good for moose also
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Default RE: 270 for moose

I personally would not hesitate shooting a moose with my 270 wsm...that puppy does some damage..
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Default RE: 270 for moose

The 270 will do very well. No problem at all. Use a good quality bullet like the Partition. I would not hestitae to use the 150 Grain Hornady interlock either.
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Default RE: 270 for moose

Fine if you use a proper bullet (barnes, failsafe, partition, TBBC). I would also limit your shooting angle in particular. Moose may not be tough to topple but they are large!!! With that comes a substantial shoulder area & massthat can soak up a bullet. So with that in mind I would suggest limiting yourself to positive shoot angles that lead to unobstructed vital hits. AKA broadside and slight quartering. I personally wouldn't take a raking shot on a bull moose with a 270 win, no matter what bullet I had in the tube!!!!

I have harvested moose and elk with a 270 (using either 140 failsafe or 150 NP). I would only take a vital open shot and my self-imposed max range was 250ish. I never losteither animal to the 270 but I will tell you I did have to let some walk as the shot was to iffy for my liking. However that is hunting, IMHO.

You said you have a 7mm rem mag, which happens to my cartridge of choice for the past number of years. This selection opens up more options in shot angles, distance and bullet selection. I personally would go with it over the 270, unless the 270 provides you with more confidence.

From personal experience no comparison when you talking moose and elk....just my 2 cents worth.
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Quick Reply: 270 for moose

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