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New rifle

Old 07-02-2005, 01:47 PM
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Default New rifle

So here is my dilemma(I am sure this has been asked a million times but I am going to ask anyways), I may not get to go on my fly out moose hunt this year (I have applied for a new job and if I get it I don't get holiday's for a year and the job starts about 1 month before moose opens ). So if I don't get to go I may have some money to spend on a new rifle (abou 2500 CAN give or take).What would you choose? I am looking for a rifle for moose and blackbear (I already have a browning bolt action 30-06 that I bought used and will still use for deer it is great but I would like a little more power and you can never have enough guns). I am leaning to the .300 wsm from what I have read but I am just not sure. (yeah I know it is all a matter of personal opinion) and also what scope would you top it off with for shots out to say 300+ yards??? thanks guys

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Old 07-02-2005, 09:41 PM
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Default RE: New rifle

that short mag would probably be a good pick. for scopes, get the best you can afford. for those yardages, i like a variable power, and at least for me that basic 3x9 is plenty. a deer looks pretty big in the scope at 300 yards at 9 power. i knowa lot are making 4.5 x 14, but i dont think ya need to pay for that higher zoom. i would get the highest objective lens you can get though. just my opinion.
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Old 07-03-2005, 05:42 PM
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Default RE: New rifle

Jest git closer with yore thurdy nought six. The bullets is the same.
Moose aren't all that hard to kill, but if you want somethin' more powerful than the ought six, get a .338.
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Old 07-03-2005, 10:52 PM
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Default RE: New rifle

I would go with a Weatherby Mark V Accumark.340 Wby. Mag. with a Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44. Good luck.
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Old 07-05-2005, 11:31 AM
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Default RE: New rifle

I have owned a few 300 wsm and they are great shooters.If you realy wanna step up preformance I would look at the 300 Ultra Mag,if that is to much look at a .338 win Mag(I have found the recoil is stiffer inthe UM)or how about the new 325 WSM.
The new 325 looks to be a good one and will probaly become my next rifle.
If you real want power look at the .338 UM,375 UM or the 340 WYB
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Default RE: New rifle

IMHO I wouldn't think that there is enough of an increase in "power" over the 30-06 with the 300 wsm to justify buying a new gun (but justification is rarely an issue). I would move up to the 338 win range of guns. A 338win, 325 wsm, 300 ultra, 8mm Rem etc. My suggestion of manufacture would be a Winchester Model 70 withcontrolled round feeding or the ole stand by Rem. Model 700. As far as glass goes I would buy a Leupold VX III in 2.5 -8 power.

With the kind of money you are willing to spend you could buy a custom built gun with a really nice walnut stock andmatch grade barrel. Something built on a Rem 700 action should run you in the $2000U.S. range, of course that doesn't include a scope. If I where going to build a "hunting" gun I would use a stainless Mod. 70 controlled round feeding action. Barrel itwith a shillen or douglas in 338 win. I would cut the barrel off at around 21" and stock it in a HS Precision stock. It would give me a reasonable weighted, easy handling, weather resistant, hard punching mountain rifle. Top it off with some Leupold glass and watch out big game cuz here I come.
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Old 07-07-2005, 10:38 PM
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Default RE: New rifle

I would go with the Weatherby Accumark in the .300 Weathery or the .340 Weatherby mag. Both can be down loaded or at thier best kill anything in these parts. The scope depending in distance, but probably the the new Leupold Vari X III 4.5 - 14.5 50mm with 30mm tube and side focus. I would use 180 gr in both. Probably Barnes triple shocks or partitions. Maybe Accubond. Good Luck!!
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Old 07-15-2005, 06:39 PM
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Default RE: New rifle

After doing a lot of research and shopping around, we decided to purchase a new Remington 700 SPS Stainless 30-06 as a gift for my son's earning the Eagle Scout Award.

Rifle was $469.00 from Sportsman's Warehouse in Utah and included a 24" stainless / parkerized barrel and Limbsaver Recoil Pad.


The blued version was discounted to $398.00, but we liked the stainless at $469. (Note: The 2005 Stainless version retails for $613 and has replaced the 2004 BDL's Stainless. The 2005 SPS in blue ($520 retail) has replaced the 2004 ADL line which was dropped.)
We Piller Bedding the action / Free Floating the Barrel, and Adjusted the Trigger to 2 3/4 lbs.

So far, results have been 7/8" MOA with the rifle only having 12 shots through the barrel. Should be a MOA shooter after the barrel's broken in.
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Default RE: New rifle

Aint gotta clue about how much the exchange rate and CAN prices are, but I was at work yesterday when my VERY NEXT RIFLE came into the recieving department!!!

It was a Browning Abolt Titanium 300WSM. I aint crazy about the stainless, Break Up combo but the DuraTouch stock and 5# weight FLOORED ME!!! [:-] More than likely it will get a 4.5x10x44 Zeiss Conquest with mildots put atop it. (Heck I've even thought about the WSM scopes from Burris, but know I still love the Conquests.) As crazy as I was for a Kimber Montana and a Featherlight Sako, the Brownin Titanium is MUCH lighter feeling.

Check em out,
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Old 07-16-2005, 05:04 PM
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Default RE: New rifle

I'd take that $1,700.00and get your 30-06 bedded and the trigger tuned up by a good gun smith. Then i'd usesome morefor a "top of the line" scope and mounts and ammo, thenpractise, practise, practise!!!!

You will still have $$ left for a "quality accurate" 22 with a quality scope to practise with too!!

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