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2013 Contest Rules

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2013 Contest Rules

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Default 2013 Contest Rules

Teams will be drawn March 1, 2013 and then you will have to choose Team captains by March 10, 2013
Teams will be posted and we elect the right to add a few more hunters to make all teams. Once done the Spring Contest will be closed to new participants unless someone needs to drop out. Then and only then will we replace a hunter.
Participants will have 10 days to check in on their Team Thread, or they will be replaced.

Team Captains –
1. Must have a posted valid e-mail address in their Profile.
2. Must be willing to share a US Postal Mailing address if asked
3. Must be willing to update all team scores.
4. This contest does not work without A good Team Captain’s help! If any team can't agree on a Team captain by March 15, 2013 then we will select one for that team.

Teams May choose a team name. Team Avatars are welcomed,

Team members will post their score on their Team Thread – It is the Captain’s responsibility to alert the Contest Administrators and check to make sure the Posted team totals match. The Team Captain may delegate this to another member of the Team.
  • TEam Members can post socres but the Team Captain should also verify.
  • If you need help contact JW, Turkey Goddess or myself ArrowMaster. We will gladly help out.
You will score your bird according the NWTF Calculator

Click on this LINK

Only one bird per hunter is used for this contest to determine High Team standings. Multiple birds shot by any one hunter, the hunter has the right to upgrade his score as the highest score can be used to replace a previously registered harvested bird. We will also use an Overall Team standing using all birds taken by any one team. We will also try to keep record for the best Rio, Eastern, Merriam, or Osceola so make sure you tell us the specie.
Only birds harvested during any given state’s Spring Season taken in an ethical manner under “Fair Chase” using either a Shotgun (Conventional or Black Powder) or Bow can be entered.

Team members must post a picture of their turkey to prove authenticity of the kill. A brief story along with statistics is welcomed. Do add a ruler to each spur and beard in the pictures taken. If you don't know how to post pictures, ask your Team captain, or a member of your team that knows how to post pictures to help you out.
Be sure to say what specie, Rio, Eastern, etc. when, where, and what weapon you used for the kill when you post a picture.

If you aren't able to score your quarry for whatever reason, identify if your bird is a Hen, Bearded Hen, Jake, or Tom, and you can use this table if you're unable to score:

1. Hens 10 points,
2. Bearded Hens 15 points,
3. Jakes 20 points,
4. Gobblers 30 points.
No kills that were made using illegal means, weapons other than shotgun or bow, or using methods that are against state law will be counted, only legal kills will be counted.
Bearded hens are allowed to be posted on this contest, only if your state law allows the harvest of a Female turkey. Be sure to check and see if your state defines legal harvest as being "bearded" or if they differentiate by "sex" or "gender".

1. High Team Score - 1 bird per hunter/per team (can be your best bird if you do shoot more than one)
2. Overall Team Score - Overall of ALL birds taken by any team member on that team (Means enter all the birds you harvest we will keep track)
3. Hunter - Best bird overall as per NWTF scoring system
4. Best Rio
5. Best Eastern
6. Best Merriam
7. Best Osceola
8. Best Typical
9. Best Non-Typical ( Multiple beards and or spurs)

Typical Score Sheet (Pls Use This)

Hunters Name: JW
State the bird was harvested: WI
Date of Kill: 4/21/13
Time: 8:18 AM
Method of Take" Muzzle Loader/Bow/Shotgun/Other (choose one)
Species: Eastern
Sex: Male
Lbs 25 Oz: 0
Rt Spur Length 2"
Lft Spur length 2"
No of Beards: 1
Length 12"

(If multiple beards measure all)
NWTF Score Your score is 25 + 20 + 20 + 24 = 89
(Use the NTWF Calulator)
Note all measurments must be broken down to decimal (See Chart Attachments)
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