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Default Acorn and Doe Whiz deer scent SALE

I have 2oz bottles of Acorn scent on sale. And 4oz bottels of 100% Pure Whitetail Doe Whiz on sale. Search for High Noon Trophy lures in the Hunting/scents and scent eliminators on eBAY. Or visit myeBAY STORE.If you can't find it visit usat http://www.swansnestbotanicals.com Our advanced formulas for our all Natural Food DEER SCENTS work like no other on the market. We only make a few food scents because 30+ years of research in the field to make the best scents, keeps us from making just HO-HUM ATTRACTENTS like you'll find in the mass produced scent market. Our scents have been developed for Luring in Trophy Whitetails and keeping them there and all the other deer to.Our Whitetail urines are real and priced right for the market. Unlike some other manufactures that make big claims for big bucks, what a joke! I guess we need to have Auditors watching us pour one deers whiz into one bottle 24 hrs a day during the maximum stage of Estrus, Certified by a BUCK-- no less! would do.Who is it that gave a buck the right to certifiy anything?Must a been some new government agency that I have not heard about yet.But hey, send me an extra 20 and I'll put one of them numbers on our bottle too. Please read the ads CAREFULLY TO SEE WHAT THEY REALLY SAY before you plunk down your money on some (Magic, gonna get me Trophy using this stuff) wonder!!! Research just how much a doe in Estrus and PEAK ESTRUS urinates in ounces if she comes inthree times a year. How many Does would you have to have, to supply nation wide TV and magizine ads campain? I am a Bowhunter, and have been at this for a long time. It's my desire to make scents that really work and they do. But I'm also trying to find that magic potion that isn't there and will probably never be there. But I have found out a few things that the other scent makers have seemed to miss. To find out more visit our website. Thanks, Stan
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