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I don't know much about them either, other than what they appear to be. That being a "good ol boys" club, as my dad would have said it. Like my dad, I won't join a club or organization unless they stand for certain things and have the ability to use their clout to fight for them. Things are really heating up in our fight against the anti's, what with NBC and German owned Jeep joining in with PETA and other animal rights orgs. and I don't know if the PBS can become involved in that fight. If they can't, it's a waste of resources to hand them my money. However, in all fairness to them, I've never looked into it. I do belong to my states bowhunting organization and the NRA. I was thinking about joining ATHA, but havn't seen them get involved with anything except adding some input into Idaho's trad only season. I'll have to see them get involved a little better than that before I decide to join them. LOL, not to say that I'd be adding much to the fight, just it's going to get bad for us unless we put our resources into orgs that can use them to fight for our hunting rights.
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