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Bow27, what I read in my local newspaper yesterday from the DEC was the early MZ season has been dropped all together by the DEC, becasue it met such enourmous opposition from both bowhunters, and small game hunters. It continues on to read extending early bowhunting opportunities was opposed by small game hunters. However I never heard that at the public meeting I attended. Personnally I don't see how bowhunters could interfer w/ small game hunters. If anything its the complete opposite. I'm not against small game hunters or MZ, as I myself enjoy both of those. I also wasn't against a early MZ during the 1st wk of Oct. I was opposed to mz in the middle of archery season, becasue I live & hunt the northern tier. The MZ/archery combined early season has become dangerous in areas I've hunted. You have camo'd bowhunters, and guns in the woods at the sametime. The mz season has become very popular. So popular I put my bow down now, and don't even bother attempting to use it. The deer are chased around, and become spooky. Its like a single shot southern tier gun opener, shots going off everywhere. So I just mz hunt that wk. I even thought the rumor of a 3-5 day early primitive mz season was a good idea. I don't know what happened to that. If anything that'd been a good test for future attempts. I'm not against Inlines, I own both inline, and side hammer. I just don't see anything wrong with extending the archery season, and I don't agree with the small game hunter reason.
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