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Default Mathews MQ1 plus many accs for sale

Mathews MQ1 left handed 70lb, 29"length of pull, 36" axel to axel overall length. New string (Zebra) and cables this last season. like new condition except for a couple of hair line scratches near the arrow rest caused by broadheads when I had a whisker biscuit on the bow which I did not like and took off. I've had back surgery and can no longer bow hunt so I have the bow and the following other items for sale.

Bow is equipped with Toxonic predator three pin sight, Quick Tune prong type rest, Limb Savers, Donker 8" stabilizer. Quiver is a 5 arrow Bohming. Five new ACC 3-49 / 390 arrows with 90gr Muzzy 4 blade broadheads. Bow is set at 68lbs and shots 307fps as set up. Many field points both 100 & 90 grain, Soft case - Mossy oak camo. Hard plastic case for travel. 2 Gator releases (these releases are not well known but are excellent releases, they grip the string above and below the arrow helping to eliminate torque). An Arizona vane jig to install new vanes to arrows, extra vanes (white and dark brown), vane glue. MTM accesory box, fletching tool, finally "the Cube" target that has been shot approximately 100 times. Extra broadhead bodies and 6 sets of new blades. extra nochs and I'm sure a few other things I forgot to mention.

I'm a hunter not a shooter. I would shot the bow before the season to get my mussles in shape then hunt. I've never belonged or shot in any leagues so you can rest assured the bow hasn't had the hell shot out of it. Asking $550.00 for all the above. Will sell just bow as equippd with arrows and the broadheads that are on the arrows for $450.00. THIS BOW IS VERY FAST AND EXTREMELY QUITE. This is why I was not interested in going to a newer Mathews. I've shot the MQ2 and the Legacy and they are no faster and not as quite as this bow. Thank you and here is how you can contact me.
Art Rodenberg (St. Louis, MO)
636.346.3766 cell / no answer leave a message and I'll call you back
636.225.7099 home
[email protected]
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