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Default Would you shoot a tresspassing dog?

Here is a REAL situation here in Kansas, and a big problem that many landowners are starting to face. Tresspassing dogs!

Hunters without permission will let their trained dogs out on the road and then let them run a piece of property out. These dogs are primarily used for 2 reasons, running deer out of a neighboring property, or to hunt and run the coyotes down until the dog catches them and kills them. And even though the dog owners intentionally let the dogs out, they are not breaking any laws, since the law refers to "persons tresspassing".

I discussed these situations with my cousin who is a conservation officer, and he says he consistently gets calls from landowners who complain about this. And yet when he talks to the dog owners, he cannot do anything to them, because a law was not broken, since dogs technically can't be controlled. It seems the landowners are now taking the law into their hands by taking the expensive collars off the dogs(if they happen to be there) or just shooting them.

Are there any other deerhunters or landowners experiencing this problem? If so, what are you doing to solve it? What is your opinion on it?
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