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We have 3 CVA Hunterbolts and will say that a lot of the talk about plastics giving trouble is true. Have broken 3 front sights, had one rear site almost come off, apparently when it came out of the case, causing a high miss on a deer, and had two of the plastic ramrod holders break. The factory replaced the holders and 1 front sight so far, and have not talked to them again on the other front sights, but I will!As far as shooting goes, they do pretty good using 90-95 grains of pyrodex select. I use 295 lead PB's and my son went back to 320 gr. TC MAXI's HP that he used in his TC Hawken after losing a deer with the 245 gr. PB. MN won't allow scopes or red dot scopes so my ol' 77 yr old eyes have to do with open fibre optic sights and limit my range. Put a scope on to try different loads to try to find the best one, so I knew it was me and not the gun. Ran out of time to really do a good job of it. I did get a deer with the bow,(using a red dot scope) and had 100% success shooting everyone I saw in ML season (DIDN'T SEE ANY!!!!)
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