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Default RE: really good map site for NY state

In case anyone didn't notice - the map is an infar-red picture. The Bright Red Trees are conifers.

The picture is from probably April - you can still see some snow drifts around.

Basically - if its Green in real life - it looks red in the map. You can see the tinge of red in all the clover fields. The Corn Fileds look greenish.

On our Property - the large conifer groups are Hemlock - mature ones maybe 16-22" DBH. The Mature woods are mixed Hemlock, Cherry, Beach, Ash, Yellow Birch and Sugar Maple.

The lone red spots in the young woods are mostly White pine - I have treestands in several of them - and using the measuring tool - I can figure the yardage to field edges, landmaks, roadways - even if I can't see them from the stand.
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