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Default RE: really good map site for NY state

Hi Dan -

Years ago we had some "wild" pear trees - that grew in the pasture - but not many. They were small and ripened early - they were very grainy - My grandfather said they were from the seeds of Some "nice" pear trees on the neighbor's farm. The Good pear trees were all gone then - and now I don't think there is much left of the wild one's either.

I'd like to grow some pears too - can they grow OK in zone 4?. Basically - I've got a 2 acre "lane" next to the cabin to make into an orchard. Its in-between the spruce/pines I planted - and about 30- 10 ft sugar maples I transplanted which are up hill from the flat I left for the orchard.

In my orchard - I want a variety of cold weather eating apples - a few plum trees, maybe a couple pear trees. I think I could easily plant 40 trees over the next 5-6 years. Also - an assortment of grapes. The grapes are are on the agenda for next spring - along with maybe 10 new apple trees - or maybe a couple more if I can afford it. I will try your "snow apple" variety - I'll see if I can order it this year.

I'm looking at Semi-Dwarf and Standard trees. - Is it OK to mix them - or should they be set apart for some reason ?

I was looking that the Nursery in Potsdam - becasue we do get very cold weather some years. Last year were were in the -20s quite a few times and -30s at least once.

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