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Flintflinger, why dont you re-read your post. It sounds like something I found on the PETA website.
Dont need to re-read my post. I know exactly what I posted. Why dont you try tp clear it up for me instead of spouting PETA nonsense. I dont live anywhere near gators, so I dont see the point. I dont support PETA nor will I ever. Thank you very much.

My original post was my opinion and my feeling on gator hunting. We are all entitled to an opinion.

The gators get to be a nuisance (not sure on spelling) in some small ponds and rivers so the issue tags to go out and do this. I hope this helps clear it up for you.
I know they dont leave them to die. They had it in their boat all nicely bundled up as if it were alive. Mouth taped shut, legs tied to the body. I can understand if they are a nuisance. Just like yotes. I dont get hunting them either, but we dont have alot of them, at least not that I have seen.
If I lived where there were gators maybe my opinion would be different.

I'm not trying to poke the bear to get anyone riled up. I just wanted some clarification or some one elses view and deerhunter 18 did that where as txhighrack did nothing .
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