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Default can deer scent u inside building/ how far away?

just wondering if anyone can help me on this.. i just took a quick quiz on the remington on-line site, and one question that i got wrong said that even when high in a tree, your scent will not dissipate, and will drop down after 20, 30 yards( that's the gist of the question.) anyone know if it is true? also, how does this hold when yoiu are within either a portable blind, or say a shooting house? we have our sugarhouse that we use as a deer stand, and they come within 10 yards of us, ranging to over sixty yards. you literally feel like you could reach out and pet them. yet i have a camper that i also use as a blind, it hasn't moved in over 3 years, and have trouble attracting them in during daylight hours, even with specially blended and planted seed. what are your thoughts. posting this in wildlife management, too, by the way.
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