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Default RE: ELK, How Big is BIG to you?

Here is a nice elk that is around 330. I found the head this year when I was bow hunting he died in a fence. I passed on elk this big with my bow this year to kill a 350 in the same spot.

I beleave any elk killed with a bow is very good [even a cow].I beleave each hunt should be looked at in dif ways . I would pass on a 300 elk on a guide hunt in good spot. But would kill a 270 elk on any public land hunt I will go on.

My 1st elk with a bow was a spike. It was a very memorable hunt,ate good allso.In my opinion if you are going elk hunting for your 1st time [unguided] I beleave any elk you kill would be well earnd.If you are picky you will eat tag soop 1st few years.

Most of the elk i have killed are 200 class elk WAY better than my buds no elk years.

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