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Default RE: On call in the woods...

I work in outside sales for a Fortune 300 company, and do a lot of hunting during what should normally be work time. Two weeks ago, I sat through a conferece call for an hour and a half listening to the company's vice president yammer on about our new compensation plan as 11 does wandered past. A couple almost made it into shooting range, and I slid the phone into my shirt pocket. After they passed, I got the phone out and put it back to my ear. Yep, still yammering!

Three nights ago I took a doe as her and her partner approaced to within 10 yards. My wife called at that exact moment, and I just knew they were going to hear the phone buzzing in my pocket (everything was blanketed in a foot of snow, so it was extra quiet out there), but they didn't. As soon as the ringing (or vibrating, as it were) stopped, I came to full draw and put some more meat in the freezer.
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