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Default On call in the woods...

Just wondering if anyone else out there has to carry a pager or cell phone with them 24/7, and how do you deal with it when you're trying to enjoy the outdoors? I work for a propane company, and I have to dipatch drivers when someone runs out of gas, and deal with any problems at our wholesale terminal. This was the first year I've carried the phone, and whenever I was out bowhunting, all I could think was "When is this thing going to go off?". It drove me nuts. I couldn't relax and take everything in. Hopefully it's just because it's new, but I can't let this ruin one of the only things I truly enjoy...

By the way, Happy New Year! Good luck to anyone venturing in the woods in the short time that's left. Wisconsin's season ends Jan. 3rd, and hopefully I will be able to get out a couple of times this weekend!!
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