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The word HUNTING should not be used with anything that has to do with that site. It is not hunting it is killing. It is (Push Button killing) plain and simple. I also think that any self respecting HUNTER would not call this hunting.
On the farm during cattle harvesting you walk up to a cow point blank and shoot it in the head. Is this HUNTING?.......No
I don't think alot of people know that they have ranch's with animals that have numbered tags in the ear. These tags match a number in a catalog telling the size, age and other info as well as the price of the animal if you wish to HARVEST. Is this HUNTING?.........NO
I think we need to redefine the word HUNTING and HUNTER. I feel nothing about these 2 words should have anything to do with the word CONTROLLED.
Do I approve... Sure as long as the word HUNTING does not appear. Would you call the guy at the Slaughter house killing Chicken's, Turkey, Cattle a HUNTER?....NOPE But I enjoy going to the meat market to pick out some meat from time to time.
These are all CONTROLLED enviroments and when you have control how then can it be called hunting. I feel I have common sense on the issue, However in the hands of the Anti's I think it's just more ammo for them to put down hunting.
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