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hmmm i am kind of confused. At first i thought that the computerized rifle was firing on real targets, then i read this:

Currently, shooters will be able to fire 10 (ten) .22 caliber rounds at paper and silhouette targets. You may also have a DVD recording and/or the paper target from the session shipped as an option. Look for additional, varied shooting systems along with competitions to come online soon.

I don't think they are shooting at real animals, just targets that look like those animals. Otherwise the membership fee would be worth 30$, more like 3000$. At least that is how i saw it.

this also made me feal that way:

LIVE-SHOT is similar to a trip to the rifle range with one very notable exception. Everything is done through a computer and the internet. A paid membership will allow for access to the range viewing camera(s) at any time. Members can then schedule a reserved session time which allows exclusive control of the shooting system to fire at a choice of various reactive targets.

Did i miss something? Because the site was kind of confusing to me anyways.
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