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Default RE: Hindsight...anyone use it?

When I went to shoot that Mountain 30 the other day I also got to try out the Hind site and NO Peep. The owner of the shop let me shoot his Mav. quad that he set up for an elk hunt and it had the no peep on it. He also let me shoot his son's bow a mav. recurve and it had the Hind site on it. These are my opinions on both of them.

I personally liked the hind site better. It seemed more natural for me when I drew the bow back. The one I shot did not look like the one in the picture above though. It was longer and the adjustment for the rear recticle was different. Maybe it was a newer version or something I don't know. Then again, mabe I am remembering it wrong? Any way I like how it would let me set my sites farther away from my riser also. I was thinking about making some kind of bracket to do this any way. Actaully the hind site does not seem like it would be hard to fabricate if you wanted to. The recticle also gloes in the dark, great for low light shooting. It cost just under $60 at my shop.

The No Peep seemed more accurate and much better at revealing torque. But was also harder to see and get lined up perfect. It also wasn't lined up with the pins on the site, so I had to look away and refocus from one to the other. I also had a tendancy to want to shoot with the No Peep. You know, I tried to use it as a pin! Not a good thing. I could see myself doing this in the excitement of a hunt. Maybe once you get used to it, it would not be that much of an issue. Due to the touchinous(new word) of it, I can see where it would be a pain to set up. On the other hand it has the potential to be much more accurate than the hind site or a large peep. The owner did say his only complaint about it was that it faded in low light before his pins did. But he was working on hooking up a fiber optic light to it that would solve the problem. His was the older model with the bubble level in it. He charges $40 for it installed. He said he has only had two come back the whole time he has carried them, and both were from people that tried to put them on themselves and did it wrong. Like said in previous reviews and posts, it must be esier to do with two people. He said it does not take long at all to put one on and set it up when both him and the shooter are there to do it.

I am glad I got to shoot these two devices on simular bows like I did. Had I just looked at them in the packages I may never had thought about trying either on of them. After using them, I can honestly say I would not mind having either one of them on my bow. As a matter of fact, I may buy both. I might buy the hind site for the bow I have now, and get the No peep when I buy my new bow.

Those are my opinions if any one cares.

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