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Do you use hunters shower soap, hunters detergents for your clothes, spray scent killer? It could be that the deer are winding you, or you may need to find a new way to your area.

I have a friend that I've been hunting with for 10yrs. When we first started hunting together he would see far less deer then me, and most of what he saw where out of archery range, and we hunted within 500yds of each other. He wouldn't use at the time anytype of scent killer spray, detergents, or shower soaps. These days he does, and he sees just as many deer as I do, matter of fact he got 2 deer this year.

Our approach to out area takes us about 30/40min walk...we can use a different route, but then we will kick the deer up, we take the longer route, and come in from behind them, while they are still browsing in the fields.