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Default what to do ??

i have a question here. I hunted in a small food plot this evening and had some bad luck. I was there by 3:30 and about 15 min before dark I hear deer moving behind me. I waited patiently and they just kept on walking aorund in the small hardwood bottom. then I hearda heavier deer walking and it walked right behind my stand in the bottom. then it walked around in the bottom untill dark. well right at dark it wlked to the edge of the food plot. I could hear him walking 20 yards from me. Well he then waited at the edge untill it was very dark. I could not see through the scope anymore. It then walked out about 10 yards into the food plot. I twisted just a liitle to get a better look at him "clear night good moonlight" and my ankle cracked. When this happend he looked straight at my position and I could make out a rack, not sure how big or anything but I could see the white on his horns. Well he looked for aobut 30sec and then took off back inot the woods.

I had planned allweek to hunt in a certain spot tomm, and was wondering If I should go back to the food plot in the morning or would it be a waste of time and should I just go o the other spot I had picked out >?

There is a FRESH scrape aobut 100 yards from the food plot that had been check earlier in the day or the night before so I am kinda torn on what to do..... any help would be great...
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