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Acco feeds parent company makes an 18% protein corn mix named sportsmans choice. Acco's name for it is buck and doe mix and it is a 16% protein yeild. The protein pellet is slick sided not extruded so it wont absorb moisture as easily. On our lease we find that the combo of corn and pellet works well in spin cast feeders. The corn keeps the the protein from jamming at the funnel of the feeder. You can buy the soy bean mixed with corn or corn and pea mixture ( this seemed to swell and jam the worst). Unless you are feeding deer in breeding pens, anything above 16% protein is considered a waste in studies by the Texas parks and wildlife departments Kerrville research facility. I guess the feed is considered a supplement to a free ranging deer who has alternate sources of protein. Check out the Texas Paks and Wildlife Departments web site and look for the study at the Kerrville unit and see what their control group studies showed about antler growth in relation to various protein diets. You may never shoot another young spike.
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