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Default BL Elite 3000/4000 vs. Bushnell Elite 3200/4200

I am told that the only difference between the old 3000/4000 B&L Elite scopes and the new Bushnell 3200/4200 Elite is the new Raingaurd feature, theoretically making the new Bushnells a better scope. Yet, the old B&L's seem to sell on ebay and at dealers that still have inventory for prices higher than new 3200/4200's could be bought. Why? I thought perhaps because the B&L's were made in Japan, and the new scopes eslewhere; but that's not true. The Bushnells are also made in Japan, and in fact at the same factory that the B&L's were (per Bushnell's customer service department).

Why the high prices for the old scopes?
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