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being Cheapskate and boat owner do not go well together, but i know where you are coming from,. I had an 18' V-hull that was pushed by a 40hp merc and it did just fine, but it was only 2 of us fishing . i would not go with anything less than a 40 tho, as i think i would have started bogging down if i had added on of my larger buddies.
Find the boat you like , check the rating label to see what the max HP it will take , if you can afford it .....
if not ask the dealer what he thinks, mine told me 40 and he was right, for my applications
remember to add up the weight of all your accessories, motor, Blind, anchor , gas, guns, dogs, battery, decoys , buddies . all theses add up fast and skimping on a motor may make you depressed
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