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Default RE: different people, different scents

it's proven that you are attracted to someone partially because of their personal scent and the pheromones or whatever their body gives off...
ahhhhhhhhhhh that's how I ended up dating my first girlfriend. We saw eachother across the hall at school and started sniffing eachothers skin It was love at first smell!! She dumped me when I started wearing cologne.

But anyway... I think if you are not careful with ANY kind of human scent, your chances for deer encounters decrease rapidly. As far as one person naturally smelling less appealing to a deer than another given the same conditions? I suppose it could be. A lot may have to do with diet and what they are sweating out of their pores. However I would have to say that there are other factors at hand that are attributed to the lack of deer such as no scent control, movement, wind, etc.... If there is truth to the scent theory of humans I would have to believe that it is a small percentage in the overall picture of seeing deer.
Interesting topic I would like to see what others think.
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