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Default different people, different scents

So, I was pondering this on my drive home from Michigan last weekend, do you think different people have less luck with deer because each and every person has their own scent? I know people who's body scent (and I'm not talking body ODOR LOL) is different, like, it's proven that you are attracted to someone partially because of their personal scent and the pheromones or whatever their body gives off...

We all know deer have a keen sense of smell, hence all of the Scentlok clothing and whatnot, but do you think certain people's scents are so much stronger that the deer catch more wind of it?

I know people who have hunted for 40 years and never gotten a nice buck, likewise are unlikely to get a deer but every 5 years or so, then there are others, like myself and my boyfriend who see TONS of deer every time we go to our stands. I just wondered if anyone else had considered this or anything.
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