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As Slick Willie used to say, "I feel your pain." Haha.

I'm stuck here at college...and it's the opening day of gun season!

My dad and my bro headed out before the sun came up this morning. About the same time, I hit the road for school. I was going down a back road near the woods they were going to hunt in when I was passed by a dude in a big Dodge doing about 65 mph. Then I saw them....three does racing through the darkness on a collision course with the Dodge I was now following. I slowed down immediately, but I don't think he saw them cause he hit one of the does head on. HE swerved around for a hundred feet or so and then stopped to inspect the damage. I slowed down behind him and was about to get out and check to make sure everyone was ok when an big 8 pointer ran across the road in front of me. The guy was ok, but he banged up the front of his truck pretty bad. Wouldn't suprise me if my dad and bro were making too much noise on their way to the blind and spooked them out.

When I neared the school, I saw hunters driving a woods near a busy highway. Then through the early morning light, I saw a car along the highway and a semi that had jacknifed, blocking the whole road. I bet a deer crossed the highway causing the car to slow down suddenly causing the semi behind it to brake hard.

So, keep your eyes open this week, the deer will be running everywhere. Drive and hunt safely!

I think I'm gonna get out to hunt Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and maybe Friday, if I don't have too much homework of course[:'(]
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