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Can I safely assume that if I buy the noler partition tipped bullets that my accuracy shouldn't change as long as I use the 165gr?
Tracking is something that not my strong suit either. But thru time and experience you will get better at it.

No you can not safely assume. I love partitions, but out of 5 or 6 gun I have l loaded them for, they generally are not a great accuracy bullet. If I get 1" groups, I am very happy. But I rarely find a gun that doesn't like the Sirra gamekings. Bullistic tips are a different story.

Not sure what to tell ya. Sounds like you are hitting them a tad high. Especailly if you see a initial blood pile, and not for a while. That fur soaks alot of it. I try to hit them very low for this purpose with my bow. My experience with 165gr gameking has been they leave the best blood trail in the business with Bullistic tips close second (if you don't hit a shoulder). Same thing with 130gr gameking for my 270. Now Barnes , partitions, TBBC, failsafes don't give the best blood trail but are more big game penetration bullets. Another good one is Hornady interloks. Same class as bullistic tips IMO.