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Stat, it ain't the bullets you are using. You are expecting alot out of your load. I rarely just have deer fall over. I mean just a few weeks ago I shot a doe thru the heart with a muzzleloader with a 250gr barnes and 150gr of 777 kicking at about 2100fps. Without a heart she made it 50 yards. You never can figure out these animals. But then I shot a 5point with my bow on Sept 15th and it made it 20 yards and fell over.

I have had deer fall where they stand, run upwards of 100 yards with lungs melted, its just the way it is. Sounds to me your seeing pretty typical stuff.

I find the Gamekings to be devastating on deer. Inside and out. Its almost a perfect deer bullet. A good balance of toughness and mushroom. They don't mushroom like a Bullistic Tip but expand more than a barnes. I have shot well over a dozen deer with them handloaded for my 308. The don't like to be pushed over 2700fps, and from what your explaining you well within that arena. Keep hunting.