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Default RE: Fox in Live trap?

By 'Live trap' I'm assuming you mean a cage trap. (foothold traps and snares are also 'live traps' depending on how they're set)

It is possible to catch a fox in a cage trap. Not easy tho'. I would find the biggest cage trap you can and then set it right next to the chicken coop. Butt it right up against the building or fencing. (but make sure it will still shut without hitting anything)

Make sure the trap is sitting solidly. No rocking or tipping or it will scare off the fox. Place some grass/straw/dirt in the bottom so that the fox doesn't feel the wire as much. (again, make sure that the trap will still fire properly... too much dirt or grass will impede it's action)

If your parents can spare a bit of time.... wire the cage open or somehow rig it so that the fox can explore/step on/climb over the trap without it going off. Smart animals will thoroughly check out a cage trap before entering it... and will often spring it off too soon by bumping it.

I've had luck just flipping the cage traps over and then baiting them for awhile. This gets the animal used to simply entering the trap to grab some food instead of being suspicious of the trap.

For foxes, I'd recommend baiting it with fresh raw meat or freshly cooked meat. (chicken, venison, mice.. whatever.. just don't let it get too stinky.)

Good luck!

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