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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: Recurve or Compound?

The reason I suggested that is because they are two different disciplines, unless you are going to shoot the compound with fingers and no sights. Learning one at a time will be difficult enough, let alone switching from one to the other. It will get confusing and may take you longer to figure things out.

I always thought I should have learned on a recurve first. I mentioned that in a shop once and one of the guys actually said no. He said recurves can teach you some bad habbits like snap shooting and the such that you could carry on to the compound. Then you would have to train yourself not to do it. Plus the way you hold a recurve compared to a compound is a bit different as well from what I can tell. I also think your form is slightly different from one to the other.

I would suggest getting a decent compound first and learn to shoot it fairly well. It will be easier and quicker to master. What fun is doing something if you suck at it and can't hit what you are aiming at. With a compound using a release and sights you will be on target much quicker than with a recurve, at least in my opinion. And thus have more fun and enjoy it more.

Those are just my opinions any way, you can do what ever you want, it's your money I guess.

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