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Default RE: Rate of twist and length.....

why not stick w/ the 223? If you want to save fur, use the full metal jackets, they're cheap as dirt, plentiful, and will just make two tiny holes.

If I were going to shoot coyotes, I beleive I would leave it a .223. 40 gr. V-Max bullets will wipe'em out.
I've never shot a coyote with a V-Max, but I've seen the damage a V-Max will do to a groundhog, same with a Nosler BT, and I'm talking about complete instant disembowelment. I would think that the V-Max and BT's would create a lot of pelt damage because some of the fragments would probably exit creating viscious exit wounds.

I'd stick with a FMJ, just be sure of your backstop because a FMJ will ricochet very easily compared to a varmint bullet which fragments on impact with literally anything. If you shoot in dense wooded areas or very wide open spaces you should be fine. If you have nearby buildings or livestock, a FMJ might be problematic. Just be careful.

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