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Trapper- I had that almost same thing happen to me 3 years ago while elk hunting. It was early in the morning and I had to take care of a morning duty as the walk in made my bowels loosen up. So I had just finished when I hear crunch crunch crunch. It was three cows running about 10 feet away. I new there was something else comming up the ridge because I could hear him breathing. It was a spike with about 18-20" tines. He stopped right in front of me. About 8-10' away. I thought MAN, did you just make the biggest mistake of your young life. I aimed for his neck as I didn't want to waste any tasty meat. It was a major incline that we were on but I thought shoot I can put it right on him and fire. Well I too shot right over his back. He stood there for me to reload my M/L but under such stupendous stress I couldn't get a cap on my nipple to save my life. he finally cought my scent and bounded off down through the thickest nasty snag pile you can imagine. He was killed about 30 seconds later by my hunting partner. I got my cow that season in that late hunt in Little naches. FUN hunting when you only have one shot. But you better damn well make it count as it is very difficult to get it all together for another shot. Take care.

ps, where do you hunt Blackies? Do you know any decent spots for the late hunt for M/L tags, prefer the west side
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